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PYsrl was founded in 2011 with the experience gained by the two owners, Matteo Novaglia and Roberto Chiappa of over thirty years in the construction, design and assistance on boats and motors of any kind being further official assistance for Mercury-Mercruiser .

The company focuses immediately especially on the construction of the mythical boats Performance Marine, on direct commission of the holders of the German trademark Performance (Performance Marine by SVK Marine Consulting) by setting new and efficient construction criteria and operational, further improving the quality of the finishing and the technical solutions, renewing the components with technologically advanced materials and of the latest generation, attentive to ecology and with solutions even more targeted and effective from the point of view of the consumption.

Simultaneously particular attention is paid to the spare parts of all kinds with the use of original parts and specific exclusive custom built parts. The company also operates in the field of storage and assistance with its technical and collaborators of proven validity, able to solve quickly any problem of boaters, ensuring certainty of solution and collaboration in all periods of the year and in every part of Europe.

IPY offers also the currently very requested possibility of "re-fitting" boats up to 15 meters, proposing and carrying out technical/practical solutions lasting and worthwhile for your boat , adopting extremely updated technologies and taking first of all count of your needs and the most valid and qualifying trends of the nautical market.

All this is made possible and feasible thanks to a well-equipped building with more than 2,000 square meters covered and the related external grounds, with offices, warehouses, deposit for boats and operating area as well as the availability of cranes and lifting equipment of up to 75 tons for movements and towages and with the help of capable and trustworthy external collaborators.

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